• RealSkin 3.0
    Real Feel

  • Newest 2022 collection - Premium CrossDresser Boutique
  • RealSkin 3.0
    Silicon Technology

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RealSkin 3.0
Real Feel

Newest 2022 collection - Premium CrossDresser Boutique
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RealSkin 3.0
Silicon Technology

Don't just see the difference, but Feel the difference with Ormonia Advanced Silicon material technology that brings your senses to life. Experience true and realistic skin-like texture that invigorates and stimulates your true senses of touch and sight.

Why just imagine when you can feel Real, with RealSkin 3.0.

Quality & Safety

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Our Collection

Breast Form

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Body Suit

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Femini Girdle

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Head Mask

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Everyone could be
"MAKE-UP" Professor

Our Wearable Silicone Body Form is available to make-up by yourself. From Here tutorial page you can learn how to make up as a beginner.

What you have to notice is that the silicone surface is more friendly to powder makeup products instead of Liquid or Pasty material.

The Benefits

Feel Yourself

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You can be

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Cross-love online shop is a leading product developer for the crossdressing and transgender communities. We provide full range of exclusive Wearable Silicone Clothing such as shirt with breastform, hip pads, panties with dildo/vagina and other shapewear products & accessories!

We provide the excellent feedback to many crossdressers and transgender people out there. Always FREE shipping terms (minimum $100.00 order) for clients in EU, USA and Canada.

Your privacy is as important as your satisfaction, we know it. Besides discreet delivery, to protect your identity, we will never contact you after the transaction is done and won't share our client list to anyone else.


Cross Love is here for you.

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