There is a lot of ways to make you beauty and learn to how to make up is always necessary to your daily life. Remember there is no correct or wrong method to make you beauty and no time saving or time waste. People have different notion to “beauty” as they live in different locations and have different cultural background. Surely you can easily find as much as tutorial article or video on the internet or social media, aesthetic photos probably deceive you if they especially hide their own make-up process.


Let’s shorten the content and make it less complicated for all the make up beginners.

Golden Triangle Steps: FaceEyeLip

Step 1, Face

Foundation: it is like “foundation” to a house, you need the hard and stable base to build a beautiful a house. Follow the order from the center of a face circle usually starts from your eye circumference up to your below of ear. What you should keep in mind is to slight apply your foundation on your facenose and also forehead. Too much foundation would definitely makes you brown and even ruin your whole make-up process. Prepare a sponge on your hand to dip some foundation liquid if necessary.


Blush: You can easily buy some exquisite make up powder from market or E-commerce online shop. Some powder with shinning elements together to make you glister and shimmer. You can try different color arrangement or single color selection from day to day and chose your most suitable one for your future.


Highlight: this term is easily understand so the point is to outstand your sensible part of your whole face. In common sense we need to use special highlight liquid and brush to finish this step, actually you can use any harmless powder or liquid to make your special part obvious.


Step 2, Eye

Eyelash and eyebrow, to finish this step you really have to use special brush because some part is hard to approach. You can always use blush powder for your eyeshadow, generally people tend to make their eye circle part more shinning or outstanding like the old saying :”eye is the window of soul”.

Eyebrow needs a grey or black “pensile” to finish, but remember to make it equal and evenly, otherwise you may look wired.

Eyelash seems more complicated so you have to close your single eye and paint as the below part of your eyelash, do not hurry to complete since the eyeliner brush my easily invade your eye.


Step 3, Lip

Lip can easily attract your sex partner or even strangers and also simple to finish lip make up. Lip-stick is the best solution. How to chose one depends to your previous 2 steps. So it means you have to learn some basic of color arrangement. Or lip gloss is also a good idea if you really can not chose a proper color for your lip.


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