Why do you choose to become a Corssdresser?

Why do you choose to become a Corssdresser?

Obviously this is a question people seldom asked. People can recognize their gender before sexuality. The world includes not only make and female, but also cross gender. We now have more options to choose our soul-mate to live together, that brings gay and lesbian marriage. Human relation tended to more complicated as time flies. Listed an example to explain why more people tried to disguise themselves from man to woman or otherwise. My primary school mate Tim was born in a single-parent family and lived with his mom. He began to revenge his surroundings especially male after grown up when he knew that his parents divorced because of family-violence, his father was a drunkard with a habitual inclination to force woman to have sex with him and beat them hard afterwards. Once a time Tim’s mother escaped into a forest and stayed up the whole night to avoid her husband. The only clear memory in Tim’s childhood is his father heated a soup spoon by zippo and inserted it into his mom’s vagina, that really impressed him and left an unforgettable scar in his little heart.


Tim loves his mother, on the other hand the more intimate relation with his mother the more venge emotion to his father. He planed to get back at his father but he was too young to implement his plan. He found another way to make it come true when he was 16 years old before entering to a vocational school. He knew that he will leave to another city faraway from his home, he do not have enough time to “in return for” his mother. The answer is “Cross Dresser”, he had a delicate face to easily to disguise a young beautiful lady.  The core plan is seduce his father and tortured him same way. He did it in the end but more importantly is he can not quit “cross dresser” hobby anymore.


This is only one real case and I believe there exist quite lots of cases, we respect people that they have different sexuality but still we insist people could enjoy their daily life in a “healthy way”, some people wear silicone body form or fake body just for satisfying his or her demand when having sex, some choose to become a crossdresser because of his or her natural instinct, the social is now plentiful on the condition that most of the people could reach basic life requirement, they more intend to pursue spiritual life.

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