An amazing item to get hourglass figure for crossdressers

An amazing item to get hourglass figure for crossdressers

The hourglass figures of Kardashian or Nicki Minaj is dream of every male crossdresser. Today we are excited to release a new silicone shapewear “wearable boxer with super butt hip enhancement effect”, to help the crossdressers have “instant” hourglass figure.

We made this item very thick on the specific part, the top thickness of the butt and hip is 5.5 cm, while the edge part is very thin. However it’s still quite heavy, 15.4 lbs. Along with the artificial vagina the user is able to have intimate connection with their partners!

It is highly searchable hence comfortable, and skin friendly with the medical level silicone material. Additionally it is more durable and no oil penetration with our upgraded composition.

Our advisor Sophie Summers, who reviewed our product line of hip/butt enhancement, enjoyed the proportion change by wearing our product together with corset. Take a look!Delivery time 3-5 weeks since it is made by order.

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